The beginning of a new era

Posted On February 21, 2012

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Today marks a beginning of a new era for us here at Avoca Beach Picture Theatre.

Today we have officially started our own blog. As newcomers, we are unaware of what people may be interested in reading so we would love some suggestions and feedback for future posts.

I might start today with a short introduction of who we are and how we came to be.

As an effort to raise funds for a rockpool at Avoca Beach, Norman and Mervyn Hunter decided to start an outdoor garden cinema. The locals absolutely loved the idea and supported them by attending every show. After a short time they were able to raise enough and after handing the fnds over to the local council, building of the rockpool commenced.

Norman and Mervyn were both interested in building a permanent cinema and commenced planning the developments. As this was not long after the war, building materials were very hard to come by. Because of this, Norman and Mervyn enlisted the locals by having the bricks made at a farm in Kincumber and the timber cut on site.

The cinema was finished and opened on December 22nd 1951 to just over 240 patrons watching “Two Weeks With Love”.

The theatre originally was able to hold 500 patrons but today is a bit more comfortable wit ha seating capacity of 280.

As the years went by, Avoca Beach Picture Theatre was home to a real estate agency, a bank and a museum, all the while showing films.

The theatre is still owned by the same family. Norman (Norman’s son) currently runs the theatre.

We do have an extended history available on our website at

We hope you enjoy reading our posts and we look forward to seeing you at the theatre.



Hello world!

Posted On February 21, 2012

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